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Cool relax

Cool Relax II
 Cryo-Electroporation System

Cool-Relax2 is a total skin care system possible to offer simultaneous or separate treatment of low frequency and thermal stimulation.
It shows a strong permeation effect into the skin of nutrients through cryo-electrophoresis. Particularly, it has very outstanding effect on skin soothing through permeation effect of vitamin C as well as strong ice massage function so that its nutrient function works to be effective for improvement of melasma, freckles, and pigmentation.

  • 80% Product injected cells to absorb nutrients
  • trophoblastic
  • promote cell regeneration
  • penetration nutritional essence
  • increase blood circulation
  • stimulate the metabolism
  • stimulate cell viability
  • increase skin absorption capacity
  • soothing skin
  • maintain the skin moist and soft
    deep cleaning
  • Electroporation
  • Skin Scrubber 
  • Cryo 
  • Heat